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Brightspace: Known Issues

Table of Contents Student email address appears for instructors who are students or alumni Issues with Imported Test Questions The student email address appears for faculty/staff

Brightspace: Creating and Grading Google Assignments in your Brightspace course

Brightspace assignment. 1. Navigate to your course and open the Assignments tool.  2. Create a New Assignment. 3. Add a Name, Score, and Instructions.  4. Click the Attach Link to Existing

Gradescope: Getting Started for Instructors

Gradescope is available for Bubble Sheet tests and assignments and is integrated into Brightspace. Faculty or TAs can print and copy the bubble sheet template found below and after scan the completed

Start Here: Accessibility Basics Checklist

of a mouse. There is an obvious focus indicator when keyboard navigating through a page. Additional Resources Keyboard Accessibility and Testing Keyboard Access and Visual Focus video

Computer Hardware Recycling (E-Waste)

, tape recorders, record players, TV's, typewriters, test equipment, oscilloscopes, volt meters, loose computer boards, answering machines are accepted. All campus phones must be returned to the

Adding Alt Text to an Image in an email signature in Gmail

Overview When adding images to an email we need to make sure to add alternative text to make sure our emails are accessible. Adding alt text to an image in a signature cannot be done within the

Alternative Text: Tips and Best Practices

Why Alt Text is Important Alternative text, or alt text, is a textual substitute for images in web pages and digital documents. Alt text serves several purposes: It conveys the function and

Security Incident Response & Investigation

services, data, and alerts along with direct testimonials from the impacted individual(s) and their affiliates to gain an understanding of, and recover from, varying levels of security incidents

Emergency Communication (B-Alert)

Service Description Binghamton University has partnered with Rave Mobile Safety to provide an emergency alert system capable of delivering messages to your University and personal email

Accessible Links

Links are an essential part of the internet experience, which is why we must ensure that they work for users of all abilities. To state the concept as simply as possible: links should be obvious and