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Alumni lifetime email claim/reset password

 University Alumni Email Page Click Request a Binghamton email Log in or setup a BConnected Account Take action to request an alumni email account   To reset your Binghamton University

Faculty/Staff Printing - Connect to a Network Printer on Taboo

This article contains instructions for any Binghamton University faculty or staff member that would like to connect their Windows or Mac computer to a network printer that ITS manages on the Taboo (\\ print server. ... correct list of printers and finding the specific printer’s name based on its location. While using a computer on the Binghamton University domain (i.e. a computer where you log on using your BU

Single Sign-On (SSO)

ITS single sign-on (SSO) allows us to log on to multiple websites with a Binghamton University account. ... Service Description Single sign-on (SSO) is a technology that lets an individual log on to multiple websites using the same username and password. Information Technology Services (ITS) provides

Computer Hardware Recycling (E-Waste)

Information Technology Services provides Computer Hardware Recycling for University Owned equipment when it reaches the end of its useful life. Hardware must be brought to the Technology Hub for recycling. ... listed below). All recycling of e-Waste complies with NYS recycling guidelines and is done in coordination with the EH&S and the University Property Control Office. Physical Facilities or

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Virtual Private Network

Information Technology Services provides a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for off-campus users to connect to on-campus resources.

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